Are You Prepared For Winter?

With the change in weather well on its way, now is the perfect time to make sure your drains and interceptors are in the best possible condition to help prevent any issues such as flooding and contamination.  Increased rainfall, falling leaves and plunging temperatures can wreak havoc with your drainage system, leading to unsafe working conditions and disruption to operations.

Why not get your interceptors inspected for condition and drains checked and cleaned before the bad weather really hits and keep yourself in the best possible position this season?

Green Spark provide drain and interceptor servicing to your specific requirements to manage and reduce your pollution risk.  Our experienced engineers ensure your drains and interceptors are in good condition, assess oil and silt accumulation and carry out a commercial drain cleaning service to ensure they remain operable.  You will receive a comprehensive report of works carried out, including pictures and identification of any issues we find.  We will recommend actions to manage any identified issues and will carry them out in a cost-effective way according to your specific site circumstances.

Help maintain your pollution prevention controls, reduce the chance of operational disruption and have peace of mind that your infrastructure is in good condition by contacting us and getting your drains and interceptors serviced.

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