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Great cost efficiencies achieved on drainage & plumbing spend by proactive International Facilities Management company


A key international FM company promotes a corporate responsibility programme which drives a transparent, responsible and inclusive approach to business. Their key target under this is to take a proactive approach to management to reduce impact on people and the environment. Coming into 2018, the company were experiencing a very high level of reactive call outs on their drainage and plumbing systems which was incongruous to their corporate responsibility programme.


Recognising corporate responsibility…

As a FM company managing large fulfilment and warehouse properties, issues with plumbing and drainage can create a severe impact on colleagues and third-party staff working in the properties. The closure of one toilet unit can cause business disruption and delays across entire departments. Whilst this is working against the FM company’s responsibility programme, it is also detrimental to the working targets of their customers. It’s highly important that all essential facilities are maintained and remain functioning throughout the full operating period. Considering the volume of faults that were occurring, particularly in the 2016 and 2017 period, the FM company recognised that action needed to be taken.

Alignment to goals

Noticing a pattern in the current service providers performance, it was clear that a new drainage service provider was required. Based on the historical performance with other facilities management companies, Green Spark was brought on board as a supply partner to help support their corporate responsibility goals.

Using the historical performance data and highlighting key problem areas, the FM company and Green Spark were able to develop a schedule of planned maintenance to maintain full operational control of all wastewater facilities. If facilities are effectively maintained and routinely cleaned, it prevents many service and structural faults from arising which necessitate emergency call outs. With the new forward-thinking approach, 2018 saw a drastic reduction in emergency calls required whilst three separate maintenance visits were carried out.


As well as adapting a new approach to existing facilities, the FM provider recognised the need to upgrade some areas of infrastructure in a particularly busy national fulfilment facility. Working collaboratively with Green Spark, designs were created and carried out to fully meet operational needs.

Outcome and future plans

Tackling the high number of emergency call outs and upgrading infrastructure allowed the FM provider to achieve greater alignment to their goals by providing consistent, good condition facilities for their customers to reduce human and environmental impact. A proposed schedule has been submitted for the future working partnership between the FM provider and Green Spark with the joint target of continuing to improve the sustainability of good quality facilities.

As well as the maintenance of the wastewater facilities, the FM provider are interested in ongoing discussions regarding support in improving environmental compliance and pollution risk management in the near future.