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Award-winning engineering – Green Spark operates the international award winning ‘Typhoon’ powered cleaning system.

How does it work?

The Typhoon system is propelled forwards in a pipe by pressurised water through rear facing jets to the target area. Once reached, the switching valve at its centre is switched remotely, expelling pressurised water through fan jets on the cleaning manifolds arranged circumferentially. The pipe wall is then cleaned in a single pass as the Typhoon is drawn back towards the launch point.

The switching facility between propulsion and cleaning can be carried out many times, allowing sections of pipe to be cleaned several times if necessary. Our cleaning system is fully adjustable: water pressure, the manifold angle of attack, fan spread angle and distance of the fan jets to the pipe wall are all variable ensuring that pipes are not damaged in the process. All water is filtered, recycled and reused, significantly reducing water use and waste disposal costs.

The Typhoon has bee designed to traverse multiple pipe bends as severe as 1.5D – 90 degrees with a minimum crash bore of between 10 – 20%. It can be used to clean lengths of water mains of 600m in both directions from a single point of entry and has successfully spanned high level bridges and negotiated vertical sections of pipeline.


Speed – Travels at up to 1.5m/s along the pipe before returning and cleaning at 0.5m/s to 0.1m/s

Range – The Typhoon System can clean up to 1km from a single access point

Flexibility - The Typhoon System Easily cleans 6 into 72 inch

Footprint – Typhoon System requires no additional winching machinery

Excellent Cleaning Results – Exceeds standards required by the Drinking Water Inspectorate

No Winching – The Typhoon System requires no winching machinery Environmentally Friendly – Uses less equipment, requires only one excavation and all water is filtered and reused

No Settlement Tanks – No need for large lagoons as water is pumped immediately to recycling vehicle – perfect for urban environments

Non-Abrasive Cleaning – Does not damage the internal integrity and lining of pipe infrastructure

Agile – Cleans around bends and up to valve faces

Efficient and Cost Effective

The system has flexibility to be deployed in diverse environments and applications. 125km of mains pipelines have been cleaned with diameters of pipes varying in diameters of 200mm to 1800mm. The system is capable of the cleaning pipelines, no matter their composition, from asbestos cement to PVC. The Typhoon system cleans pipelines where capacity, flow rates and water quality have been compromised, using recycled water to adjust the drive, water pressure, angle and fan spread. Up to 1200 metres of cleaning can be undertaken from a single point of entry.

With the knowledge and expertise of out management team, we can provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution to any issues.

The Transformer

The Transformer Pig is the latest innovation in the Typhoon Cleaning System range. Developed to enable cleaning of very large diameter water mains on the Manchester Ring Main, this new technology means a single pig can clean water mains with diameters that vary between 32 and 72 inches. With the capability to fit access pipes of 24 inches and above, the system doesn’t require large open excavation pits and can be propelled to a range of 600 metres using a single water recycling vehicle. The system is jetted to the target area in propulsion mode and withdrawn when in cleaning mode. The transformer ‘legs’ are opened and collapsed depending on the diameter of the pipe and cleaning is by way of water jetting against the pipe walls. Wheels on the transformer legs ensure the pig moves freely and the wall and any linings are protected.

Click on this Link to see what Typhoon system does or on this Link for Transformer Pig video, also this Link to see what happens in the pipe!